Senior Care

Regular veterinary care, along with proper nutrition and exercise all contribute to the wellbeing of our cats. As they age, preventative care is the best way to stay on top of changes in our cat’s health.

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What are the stages of a senior cat’s life? How to spot signs of ageing?

Signs of ageing include:

• Stiff/soreness
• Not jumping or moving around like before
• Weight loss, not eating as much.

My senior cat is losing weight, what can I do?

Book an appointment to speak with a veterinarian. Bloodwork and potential imaging may be required for further diagnosis.

What are some tips for how to care for my senior cat?

Ensure to conduct routine examinations, bloodwork and have free access to water.

What are some common health issues experienced by senior cats?

Senior cats may develop chronic kidney disease, hyperthyroidism, neoplasia, dental disease, drinking a lot and urinating a lot.

Why is my senior cat having behavioural issues?

Your cat may have an underlying disease that needs further investigation. Please consult your veterinarian.

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