Behavioural Counseling

Dogs can develop behaviour problems for many reasons that may or may not be medical. Once a veterinarian has seen the dog, health problems can be addressed. For a dog that has behaviour problems which are not health-related, your veterinarian will refer you to a behaviouralist or trainer as needed.

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How can behavioural counselling help my dog’s behaviour?

Behaviour counselling can help you to reduce or manage behaviours that interfere with the quality of the relationship with your dog. Successful behaviour modification is hard work but can bring the joy back into your time spent with your dog.

What happens at the initial dog counselling meeting?

At the initial meeting, your veterinarian will complete a full exam and take a complete history. Additional diagnostic testing may be recommended. If a behaviouralist or trainer is advised, we can provide a referral.

Will my pet insurance policy cover the cost of dog behaviour counselling?

Please check with your insurance provider as every policy is unique.

What can I expect after the consultation?

After the consultation, you should have a better understanding of what will be required to help correct or manage the problem behaviour.

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