Urinalysis and Fecal Exam

Urinalysis is a routine test that reports the physical and chemical properties of urine. It is a valuable test for both healthy and sick animals.

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Why are canine fecal examinations recommended yearly?

If a urinary tract infection is present, offer your dog lots of fluids. Depending on the type of urinary tract infection, the doctor may prescribe antibiotics or other forms of treatment. In some cases, the veterinarian may advise bloodwork to rule out other conditions that will predispose your animal to urinary tract infections.

If my dog’s urine test reveals a urinary tract infection, what can I do?

Fecal examinations are recommended in cases of difficult to treat diarrhea. For routine parasite prevention, we recommend regular deworming. Your veterinarian will help you plan a deworming schedule based on your dog’s lifestyle.

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