Dog Laser Therapy

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy is a form of treatment used for both acute and chronic concerns. Laser therapy is a surgery-free, drug-free and non-invasive treatment to reduce pain and inflammation while increasing the speed of healing.

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What is therapeutic laser therapy for dogs and what are the benefits?

Therapeutic laser therapy can be used for acute conditions, such as:

• Wounds
• Allergies
• Infections
• Cuts/bites
• Inflammation
• Sprains/strains/fractures
• Post-surgical healing and pain relief

Therapeutic laser therapy can also be used for chronic conditions, such as:

• Degenerative joint disease,
• Inflammatory bowel disease,
• Periodontal disease,
• Lick granulomas,
• Hip dysplasia,
• Feline acne,
• Tendonitis,
• Arthritis,
• Otitis

Are lasers dangerous for dogs and are there any side effects?

Properly administered, laser therapy is very safe. The laser light is delivered through a non-invasive handpiece to treat the affected area. Your pet may feel a gentle and soothing warmth. Each treatment generally takes several minutes only.

What kind of lasers are used on pets?

Class IV Deep Tissue laser therapy.

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