Overweight Help

Weight problems are one of the most common issues today’s dogs face. Being overweight can affect the health, wellbeing and longevity of our dogs.

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When is a dog considered to be overweight?

A Body Condition Score should be conducted. If ribs are not palpable due to excessive fat, no abdominal tuck is visible and there is fat covering along the spine, this may indicate that your dog is overweight and seeing a veterinarian is appropriate.

Are some breeds prone to obesity?

Yes, some breeds are more prone to weight issues, but all dogs can be affected.

Why should my dog have a weight loss consultation at the hospital?

Obesity can increase risks of diabetes mellitus, reduced mobility, arthritis, increased physical injury, respiratory disease, kidney disease, cancer and a shortened life expectancy. With the help of a veterinarian and dietary counsellor, there is an increased chance your pet can reaching a healthy goal weight.

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